Token started out of a deep love for creativity and and desire to help brands achieve success

We take time to listen from you about the culture you’re building and understand all things behind the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of what you do before we start anything else.

We work together to look at all that needs to be created, fixed, or taken out in order to better communicate your culture to your customers

Whether it is print or digital media, we will deliver everything you need either in one big package or piece by piece to fit to step your brand up and succeed.


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Relationships based on trust.

"I hired Token to help improve my brand and they nailed everything I asked for."

Taylor Isselhard

TPI Photography

"I had a vision of taking people on a tour through our organization and Token made it happen! The way they connected with our staff and students was amazing. I strongly recommend using them for any and all creative needs! Thank you so much!!!"

Lesley Doan

Tiqvah Hands of Hope

"Token just finished doing a musical intro with a voice-over for our podcast and we couldn’t be happier. I strongly recommend using them for any and all creative needs your organization may have!"

Garret Price

The Dynasty Rewind Podcast


We create the tokens that build your brand identity.

Founded in 2019, JD Laird had the vision to help enable businesses and companies to realize their full potential as a brand and as a culture through graphic design and media creation. What started as Laird Creative Agency, the business was all about working with small businesses and non-profits to create the graphics and video pieces they needed to help communicate their vision to their audience.

In middle 2022, Laird Creative Agency rebranded as Token as a specific pivot to work with new clients and establish a unique identity amongst branding agencies in upstate New York.The definition of a 'token' is "a thing serving as a visible or tangible representation of a fact, quality, or feeling."


From Brand Design to Web Design to outsourced ongoing creative work, Token is here to help you create the tokens you need to build your brand identity.

The Team

Who is Token?

JD Laird

Creative Director

JD is the driving force behind Token Creative, bringing extensive expertise in transformative branding for non-profits and a passion for impactful design to the helm. With a proven track record of spearheading major projects, JD has played a pivotal role in helping non-profit organizations amplify their message and achieve their goals through strategic and visually compelling branding. JD's commitment to crafting bespoke solutions that make brands stand out is matched only by an unwavering dedication to creating meaningful and memorable design.

JD Laird

Creative Director

Our Partners

We work with original brands who know who they are and stand out from the rest.

If that sounds like you, contact us today and let's get to work.