Completely Outsourced Marketing for National Diversity Conference

Original Branding, Website Creation, Video Production, and complete marketing strategy for Ohio's leadership conference on diversity.


Branding, Website Creation, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Event Production




The Project

It’s a rare, special opportunity to get to work on a project from the moment that the idea is conceived, to the final iteration of that idea. That was the case with The Absurd Conference. 

For the past several years, the Absurd Conference has been making waves in Northeast Ohio in spearheading a much larger conversation on racial diversity in church leadership. Rachel, the founder and leader of the conference, reached out to us while the idea was still just an idea:  foster a space that explores the conversation on the complexity of diversity in church leadership as it currently looks, and give a platform to voices that could educate on the importance, and complexities of that. 

When we originally talked about the idea, the conference didn’t even have a name. There was simply an idea- and that’s where all great brands start. Starting from scratch, we worked with Rachel bring her idea to life, and the Absurd Conference was born. We started by building the different elements of a brand; logos, colorscape, website– and then moved on to the additional pieces that help people find a brand, like banners, Facebook advertisements, social media posts.

The Solution

When starting from the very beginning with branding, it’s helpful to start by building the language of the brand. Together with the team, we landed on ‘Absurd’ as the name and anchor of the brand. They felt that this word, inspired by the quote from Albert Einstein– ““Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” – encapsulated not only the feeling of the conference, but also succeeded in meeting our branding goals. It was catchy, quick, and easy to remember. 

We wanted the visuals to meet the strong image that we wanted to present. To accomplish this, we went with a logo design with an edge– a pointed, almost Renaissance looking font that we felt captured that bold feeling. Using the logo as a part of the brand messaging is always part of our goal as we create, and this logo carries elements of the Absurd brand that tells a story, even before the viewer has read about the inspiration behind the conference. 

Once the foundational brand elements were created, we expanded the branding, built the website with a focus on e-commerce, aka, building the store- so that conference tickets could be purchased directly from the website. We built social media pages and began creating content for those pages, and laid out an entire marketing plan to help make this conference a success. 

Over the past three years, we have been able to build an instantly recognizable brand for the Absurd conference, and they're just getting started. 

From brand and website creation, to video production, to filming and producing the actual conference, Token has had a hand in the entire Absurd journey and we can’t wait to see where the conference goes from here. 

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