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Original Verbal and Visual Brand Design for Vivid Coaching & Consulting


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The Project

When Vivid first contacted us about branding their coaching and consulting service, we were truly starting from the ground up. Without even a name at the beginning, we were able to guide Vivid through our verbal and visual branding process from the very start. With no real existing branding, this was going to be a full brand-launch from beginning to end. The good news was, once we began asking questions in order to assess who they were and what they stood for as a business, we quickly knew that their was a truly strong brand identity and that all we needed to do was create the pieces to fit that identity.

Vivid is all about helping individuals and teams unlock untapped potential by discovering their leadership voice. They believe that everyone has a voice, but not everyone is heard. Learning to leverage the influence of your voice is what leads to transformation. They use tools, technology, assessments, and processes to improve communication, vision alignment, execution, and organizational performance. More than anything, they thrive in liberating leaders to liberate others.

Creating the branding to communicate to their clients was going to be extremely important.

Our Solution

When you are starting with next to nothing on the branding side of things, you really have to get back to basics. We decided that working on the verbal branding would really help give us a solid foundation for when we were working through the rest of the visual branding later on. After sending over our custom-made Verbal Branding Questionnaire, we decided to choose from a list of 10 to 15 favorite names that matched the feeling and fit the industry that could work well as business names. When does setting on a name, we were throwing around a lot of adjectives that would describe the brand to make sure that the name would be a good fit; Caring, Clarity, Custom, Passionate, Resourceful, Healthy, Trustworthy were the main ones guiding our decision. At the end of day, we decided to go with Vivid Coaching & Consulting with the idea that working with them helps you develop a clear vision for your team.

Branding Logo for Vivid Coaching & Consulting

Once we had the name of the business, we were now ready to put a visual identity to everything. Some of the key objectives with the logo were this:

  • Something that resembles leadership
  • I would love to incorporate mountains
  • The idea is helping someone up the mountain
  • Using a small “i” meaning "I am small without the team"
  • I love the idea of team work but also clarity in the vision for personal and organizational growth
  • Navy/blue colors

After we got back all of these notes from our custom brand design form that everyone of our clients fills out, we are able to get a pretty good idea of what we needed going into the rounds of drafts.

As you can see in the main emblem of their logo, we are able to include a very minimal mountain design behind the text. Since this business is still trying to grow in name recognition, we thought that it would be important to keep the Business Name clear and simple and incorporate it as a main part of the actual logo.

As you can tell, the "V" in "Vivid" is tweaked subtly to be a checkmark which goes back to one of the main pieces of feedback; helping someone up the mountain. The checkmark is meant to be a check on the mountain representing a mountain has been climbed by working with Vivid.

In order to give things a serious and modern tone, we stuck with a unique color palette of light tan and navy.

Overall, this was a lot fun to learn more about Vivid

If you are looking to overhaul your branding, even if you are starting from nothing, contact us today to get started.