Branding for Home Remodeling & Rental Company

Vintage-Inspired Brand Design for a Remodeling & Rental company in Canton, OH




Raffin Remodels & Rentals


Real Estate, Property Management

The Project

The real estate market traditionally has a specific style of branding, and there often isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to visually representing this type of brands. 

In many industries that have existed for a long period of time, there are many unwritten rules that designers follow because they are so widely accepted. The thought is that potential buyers trust these brands automatically, just because they look the part. Though these similar brands can make it difficult to stand out, when you create something that's different and unique, while looking professional and beautiful– it will stand out, and bring immense value to your brand. When Dante of Raffin Remodels & Rentals reached out  to us, he was looking to rebrand in a way that felt true to the brand identity while also clarifying what they do. As the name says, they are all about remodeling properties and running the rental properties that they own. Instead of the traditional white, clean real estate branding that you may see on many for-sale signs, Dante wanted something more true to who they are at Raffin Remodels & Rentals. Since there was no previous branding, Token had a fresh slate to work with and were able to create something fresh and professional for this company.

The Solution

When it came to working on the visual branding, we knew that the color scheme was going to be one of the most important differentiators of the brand. Since there often aren’t many earth tones used in real estate branding, we wanted this to be one of the things that set the brand apart. Branding equals messaging, and we used this unique take on the colorscape to communicate Dante’s approach to real estate. 

We went for a darker palette with simple black and off-white tones, and designed the main logo to look like a historical seal that you’d see on an old brick building. We were able to pair a custom, weathered font into the branding to give a nostalgic feel and layered the sizes of the logo so you would read things biggest to smallest instead of top to bottom. From the main logo, we expanded it's different variations for use in different scenarios such as business cards, Facebook ads, vehicle wraps, or anything else they would need. In the end, we were able to create something original and different while still keeping a timeless feel. 

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