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The Project

Statistics in the business world have shown that in recent years, podcasts are one of the most sustainable and reliable ways to form a trusted brand. What podcast-praising articles fail to mention, though, is the feat that it is to continue running a podcast long enough to see the results. With everything that goes into the behind the scenes process of creating a podcast, outsourcing the production aspect frees up the podcast host to focus on creating consistently good content- which ensures the longevity of the show, and pays off in it’s long term success. The best podcasts make the listener feel as if they’re joining in on a conversation between friends– and makes the hours of preparation and production that go into creating every episode fade into the background. 

 If you've listened to The Easterday Podcast at all, it's easy to pick up on the fact that Corey spends a lot of time connecting with guests and doing intentional research to curate a show that covers a variety of different interests and topics that everyone can relate to. When Corey approached us about producing his podcast remotely, he planned to outsource the parts of the podcast that were time consuming, and were preventing him from recording more episodes. 

Outsourcing the editing, audio production, and publishing of the show allows him to focus on the parts of the show that he does best– writing incredible content, curating a selection of phenomenal guests to talk thorugh a vairetiet of interesting topics, and highlighting many different aspects of the community in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Solution

Through our initial discovery conversation with Corey, we talked through different ways that Token could support his brand on an ongoing basis. 

Remote podcast production is one of our newer offerings, but with JD’s degree in audio engineering, remoting producing for our podcast clients has always made sense. 

Since Corey is able to record in a professional studio space with high-quality equipment, it’s as simple as exporting files and uploading them to a shared drive the we set up for the show- and Token does the rest. 

What does the behind the scenes of editing a podcast look like? We remove filler words, gaps, and any parts of the show that the host has flagged for removal before applying the high level effects that make the audio sound crisp and clear– these edits lead to a high quality production and an enjoyable listening experience. 

Since outsourcing all production to us and continuing the show, Cory is able to focus on what he does best; bringing in interesting guests and creating highly engaging content that makes his brand infinitely more impactful.

If you're interested in hearing more about what ongoing podcast production could look like for your business, fill out the contact form and we will plan a time to talk through how Token can give you time back to do what you do best.