Brand Design for a Mexican-Inspired Coffee Shop

Clementine needed us to create the visual branding for the launch of their woman-owned, Mexican-inspired coffee shop in Fairport, NY


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Clementine Coffee


Coffee Shop, Restaurant

The Project

One of the most important parts when crafting a brand from the beginning is the visual identity of everything. When clementine approached us with their plan to launch an espresso and coffee shop that also specializes in wholesome nutrition, they knew they needed to reach the right audience to understand what their brand is about. It's not every day that you find a Mexican inspired latte in upstate New York but that's exactly what they are all about. A lot of the other coffee shops in the area focused on quick, cheap coffee and as many food items as possible without much concern to the health side of things. In order to establish the brand on the community, they needed branding and a logo that people would recognize as different from the start.

Our Solution

When Clementine approached us with the project, we knew they were doing something original that we wanted to be a part of. So, we started by gathering inspiration from the brand; putting together a mood board of all kinds of assorted typography, logos, and colors that reflected their Mexican roots and identity. From the start, we knew that incorporating orange into the color scheme of the branding was going to be a crucial part of the identity. Choosing a color that was not too dull but also not too vibrant was that necessary challenge we needed to tackle to pull things together. After photographing some actual clementines, we poured the exact color used as the primary brand color for Clementine and that helped build the foundation of everything else to come. When it came time to design the main logotype, we were really drawn to a handwritten, script-type logo with an original hand-lettered feel. We knew that this logo would be printed on posters, advertisements, and an endless amount of coffee cups so it had to be both recognizable and original. Because this was a brand-new coffee shop, we thought center in the logo around the name would not only improve customers' relationship with the brand but would also be a chance to communicate the deeper message behind the coffee shop. After developing the handwritten script portion of the primary logo, we added leaves onto the "e" at the end of the word Clementine that are specifically Clementine leaves from the fruit.

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