Original Website for an Adventure Wedding Photographer

Original Website design for an adventure wedding photographer


Website Creation


Garrett Maynard Photography



The Project

When it comes to your website, there are very few parts of your business that are more important to get right. When Garrett reached out to us about redesigning his entire website, it was going to be a piece of a much larger rebrand and this site was crucial to communicating the new pieces of the brand to his audience. As a professional wedding photographer, Garrett felt like his current site wasn't fully communicating his brand to his wedding clients. In the wedding photography industry specifically, it is crucial that your website not only communicates your professionalism and the processes on a couples wedding day that set you a part from your competitors, but it also needs to look and feel cohesive with the photos that are actually taken. It was going to be absolutely crucial to show off his photography throughout the site while also guiding people with the correct language to attract the right kind of couples.

The Site

After guiding Garrett through our web design process, we were able to build a fully custom, Webflow website from the wireframes up. At the beginning of our process, we gathered inspiration from other successful websites and put together moodboard to describe the feeling and design language we would use while building the site. We put together a full list of all the features we wanted to build into the website as well as creating a flowmap of how we would lead potential clients through the site. Once we had a solid flow and plan in place, we started building all of the wireframes which are essentially the skeleton of a website that is really the core of the experience on a site. Once we had solidified this part of the process, it was time to put some paint and the walls we created.

We incorporated Garrett's new brand elements althroughout the site and leaned deep into his one of his deepest interests; the outdoors. Garrett has built his brand inspired by nature and forests and we built that into every color, icon, and font choice across the entire site. Take a look at all the detail elements from this site that helped take things from an idea to a full, interactive experience of his brand.